KinetiCore Pilates and Lyno Method Studio

Invest in your Wealth, by investing in your Health

Pilates changes you.

It challenges you, in more ways than just physically.

It is, a call, to consciousness.

It demands mindfulness and complete awareness, as you experience the flow of the movement practice

Through immersing yourself into the practice of Pilates, you will experience the deep connection it will bring to your mind and body.

As you work on building a strong, healthy, fit and able body, you will also notice how it will enhance your mental resilience and focus.

Enabling you, to live your best life yet.

Why choose KinetiCore for your Pilates journey?

Enter a safe, tranquil, and mindful studio where the focus is the total well-being of our clients.

You, as our valued client, will be given undivided attention and focus.

Each movement will be carefully crafted, to ensure maximum benefit to your Pilates practice.

Attention to detail is of utmost importance in every session.

This is not just to prevent injuries and compensations.

It is done with the intention to optimize the movement your body requires.

Through the attentive eye and guidance of our highly educated and passionate instructors, you will construct a body and mind that is active, strong, and resilient.

At KinetiCore we believe in the total wellness of our clients. We aim to help you, our client, invest in your long-term health.

Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Therefore, we support and guide you to live this beautiful life, as you invest in your health, through the method of Pilates.

Your health is your biggest investment, so invest wisely. You can only withdraw through what you invest. This will empower you, as the client, to live an active, pain-free, and healthy life.

Contact KinetiCore today and start the journey of understanding your body and its amazing ability to move through the Pilates Method.

Benefits of practising Pilates consistently

Alleviates Pain

  • Pilates shows significant improvement in pain relief and functional enhancement, especially in back, shoulder and hip pain.
  • Alleviates menstrual pain intensity (VAS), menstrual symptoms (CMSS), and premenstrual symptoms (PSST).

Improve Flexibility & Mobility

  • Reinforces strong mobile joints
  • Pilates works out the deep muscles in your abdomen, back, and hips, strengthening and stabilising your core-which forms the foundation of a healthy body

Strengthen & Tone

  • Full body conditioning with balanced muscular strength that creates and promotes body awareness
  • Develops deep core strength, not just the 6-pack, think of 29 muscles actively working together to create stability

Improve Mental Health and Wellness

  • Improves posture, breathing, and memory
  • Reduce and manage stress intentionally
  • Investing in your health and wellness will improve your longevity


because smaller muscles need love too

Sessions We Offer

Private Sessions

Private Sessions

This is an excellent choice for clients new to Pilates as this will empower them to join duets, or any of the group options on offer.

Duet Sessions

Duet Sessions

Duet Pilates classes are semi-private sessions tailored for 2 individuals with similar levels of experience.

Group Mat Sessions

Group Mat

Exclusively for clients who have intermediate and/or advanced Pilates experience have access to these sessions.

Group Equipment

Group Equipment

They follow a circuit-style format, utilizing various stations that include the Reformer, Cadillac, Wunda Chair and other equipment.

Pilates Session Pricing

Private Sessions

R 1400

Duet Sessions

R 1100

Group Sessions

R 580

Group Equipment

R 860

Get in Touch

If you have any enquiries, or want to schedule a Pilates session, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Whether you’re keen on booking a session, have a burning question, or have a fabulous suggestion, don’t hesitate to get in touch.