My Journey into Pilates

Hey there! I’m Celeste Venter—a horse enthusiast, Pilates instructor, Lyno practitioner, mom, wife, and business owner.

My Pilates journey began in 2006 when postural collapse and muscular imbalance left me in pain, hindering my ability to ride horses. Upon my doctor’s recommendation, I embraced Pilates as a non-invasive solution. Within six months, my pain was gone, my body found balance, and horse riding became pain-free.

Pilates not only transformed me physically but also challenged me mentally, inspiring mindfulness and total awareness. This newfound passion led me to pursue a career in Pilates. After earning my Personal Training Certificate, I completed the Comprehensive Teacher Training Certification with BASI Pilates in 2016 and have been teaching Pilates full time since.

In 2016, I discovered the Lyno Method, a revolutionary approach to treating sports injuries, pain, and improving overall body performance. Recognizing its synergy with Pilates, I completed Lyno Method training in 2017.

Driven by a desire to offer a holistic approach, I founded KinetiCore in November 2018, bringing both Pilates and the Lyno Method under one roof. Join me and my dedicated team of Pilates instructors to experience the transformative power of movement and wellness.

Our Instructors

Team KinetiCore

Vivienne Wiliamson

Vivienne is a certified Pilates Instructor with over 2 decades of experience in the movement industry. She has been part of the KinetiCore team since 2021. Rooted in dance, she cherishes theatre, ballet, and musical performances. Beyond her professional commitments, family moments are her priority.

Team KinetiCore

Naomi Geldenhuis

Naomi Geldenhuis became a part of the KinetiCore team as a certified Pilates Instructor in 2022. Her passion lies in exploring the body’s mobility and enhancing core strength. In addition to her commitment to maintaining personal well-being, Naomi enjoys spending quality time with her family and friends.