Our Story

Hi. My name is Celeste. I am a horsewoman, Pilates instructor, Lyno practitioner, mother, wife and entrepreneur.

I started doing Pilates in 2006 after postural collapse and muscular imbalance caused me such pain that I could barely put one foot in front of the other and couldn’t ride my horse any more.

I fell in love with Pilates! Within in 6 months my pain was gone, my body was balanced and my horse riding was pain-free again.

Pilates changed me. It challenged me in more ways than just physically. It is a call to consciousness. It demanded mindfulness and total awareness as I was doing the movements … really feeling the depth of every exercise and muscle moving. It gave me a strong and able body, but it also grew my mind and my ability to focus with intention.

Being mindful flowed through into my daily live and I still live by it.

I became passionate about Pilates and knew that this was a career I would follow one day. It took years before my dream became reality. I started my journey in the fitness world by first completing my Personal Training Certificate through Trifocus Fitness Academy. I then successfully completed the Comprehensive Teacher Training Certification with BASI Pilates in 2016. I have been teaching Pilates full time since then.

 In 2016 a client introduced me to the Lyno Method. I had been looking for ways to help my clients progress faster in their training, and also for ways to help with injuries and chronic pain.

The Lyno Method is an amazing new method of treating sports injuries, pain, mobility issues and just generally helping the body perform better. Lyno and Pilates compliment each other perfectly. As a result, I enrolled and completed the Lyno Method training at the end of 2017.

I am now able to help my clients maintain a more balanced, pain free body – improving their ability to perform daily activities, see better results from their Pilates sessions, as well improve their sports performance.

I launched KinetiCore in November of 2018 in order to offer both Pilates and the Lyno Method under one roof. If you’d like your body to move and perform the way it was meant to, come join me.